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Water Main Break Repair and Water Main Replacement

Water Mains and Water Line

Your water main line is how your house gets water.  A pipe is run underground from the water meter into your house and then pipes throughout your house carry water to your various fixtures.  Sometimes these underground water line pipes break and need to be replaced to restore water access.  

How Do You Repair a Broken Water Main?

In order to fix a broken water mains, we will locate where the pipes are located in your yard and then dig to expose those lines.  Once the pipe can be seen, we will cut out the broken section and replace it with new pipe.

How To Tell if I have a Broken Water Main?

If your water main breaks, you may notice a decline in your water pressure throughout the house.  Also you might receive a water bill that is extremely high.  Since water bills come every three months, it is possible to have a broken water main for a month or two and not even know it.  Another way to tell if your water main is broken is to find a large sink hole or flooded region or your yard essex.  This is caused by the water rushing out of the pipe under the yard and having nowhere else to go since the ground can only absorb so much water.  A third way to tell if you have a leak is that your sump pump will run more often than normal.  

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