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Bathtub Installation and Shower Installation Bathtub Installation and Shower Installation

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Bathtub Installation

We offer new bathtub installation for homeowners who are remodeling and want to keep a bathtub but maybe want to get rid of the old pink or avocado colored tub. Keeping at least one bathtub in your home is a good idea, especially near the kid’s bedrooms. We also install new soaking tubs and Jacuzzi tubs during bathroom remodeling. Over time, tubs grow old and sometimes crack, thus needing to be replaced. There are a variety of options when it comes to your bathtub. We can replace your bathtub, or add a shower, or remove the tub and expand the shower area. The possibilities are limitless.

Showers Installation

Whether you need a new shower installation for safety or health reasons, as part of adding a bathroom in your basement, or as part of bathroom remodeling, we can help. The options for shower installations today are nearly limitless. Ceramic tile surrounds, fiberglass showers and more – and the selection of shower doors is amazing as well. If you’re planning to install a new shower, we’ll talk with you about the upgrades that are possible, take precise measurements, and give you a quote on what your new shower installation will cost. Safety is very important so we can help accessorize your choice of tub or shower with grab bars, shower seats, and handheld shower units.

Laundry Tubs

Laundry tubs are a great convenience to have if your laundry area is big enough. The allow you to soak or hand wash individual items of laundry, and of course also provide a place to wash up. If you have an old laundry tub that is leaking, or needs to be relocated, call Ray Stefanski Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, Inc. to help improve the functionality of your laundry tub. We can replace your old concrete tub with a new fiberglass laundry tub. You can choose whether you want a single or double bowl sink, with or without legs and whether you want it in the same place or relocated to another spot. We can also add a standpipe next to the laundry tub so the washing machine discharges into the standpipe instead of the laundry tub.

Ray also provides bathtub recoating, which is a less expensive process versus replacing your tub.

Call Ray Stefanski Plumbing today at 410-284-7430 for new bathtub installation, shower installation or laundry tub installation.

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